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Medical Hypnotherapy, volume 1, is an instructional manual and field guide for hypnotherapists, physicians, nurses, hospice workers, social workers, counselors and dentists.

Anyone can learn how to make use of the healing philosophy and techniques in this book to control pain and accelerate healing, and it can be easily understood and used by the patient.

Because of the air of power and mystery surrounding hypnosis, the media often use creative license in presenting it, leaving the public with a distorted view of what hypnosis is, and what happens in a hypnotic state. These portrayals have given rise to some common myths and misconceptions. Medical Hypnotherapy, volume 1, dispels the myths and shows how clinical hypnosis is an essential tool for helping people discover and activate their own inherent self-healing capacity.

As one of the few hypnotherapy instructors in the nation to be trained in allopathic medicine, Tim can help you understand the appropriate adjunctive use of clinical hypnosis. In this book, he puts a laser focus on the most effective methods to relieve pain and speed healing.

Tim Simmerman Sierra is a retired nationally registered paramedic, who was trained at the University of New Mexico, School of Medicine and has been a clinical hypnotherapy instructor since 1995. He is known internationally as one of America's top hypnotherapy trainers. He is lead instructor at the Hypnotherapy Academy of Amercia, and his methods are used by the National Institutes of Health for scientific research purposes. Tim is a past president of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, and currently on the Board of Directors of the International Board of Hypnotherapy, as well as the Global Hypnotherapy Advancement Foundation.

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Praise for Medical
, vol 1 ...

“Hypnosis is one of the most misunderstood of all medical therapies, yet one of the most valuable. In volume 1 of Medical Hypnotherapy, Tim Simmerman reveals how this natural, mind-body technique can be used as an integral part of conventional medicine to prevent pain, diminish fear and anxiety, and relieve suffering. This is one of those unusual books that is accessible to laypersons and healthcare professionals alike. It deserves to be read in every medical school in the nation.”

Author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

“Volume 1 of Medical Hypnotherapy is a fantastic book. It should be must reading for all medical students, interns, residents, and anyone who works in clinical settings. I wish I’d had this information twenty years ago!”

Author of The Wisdom of Menopause & Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“An excellent resource, which every healthcare practitioner and patient should read. The information contained in this book will truly educate the practitioner and help the practitioner create a healing relationship and environment. I know from experience that medical education informs us but does not educate us in a way that enables us to help the patient and their experience of an illness and its treatment. Volume 1 of Medical Hypnotherapy does the job with its insights, techniques, and wisdom.”

Author of Love, Medicine & Miracles
and Help Me to Hea

“Tim Simmerman had the ‘fire in the belly’ to help people empower themselves when he first attended classes at my Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles fifteen years ago. He has since created one of America’s finest and most comprehensive hypnotherapy training programs and has trained hundreds of hypnotherapists. Tim’s new book, Medical Hypnotherapy is an excellent ‘field guide’ for accelerated healing and pain control with hypnosis.”

Executive Director,
American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
Author of Transforming Therapy

“I have witnessed wonderful clinical results from techniques presented in Medical Hypnotherapy. As a dental practitioner, I’ve seen clients who have experienced previous physical and emotional dental traumas. Tim Simmerman offers methods to effectively promote healing at deeply profound levels. This pioneering work has great application not only to dentistry, but also with all of healthcare.”

Smiles of Santa Fe

“Volume 1 of Medical Hypnotherapy is written in a well organized and easy to understand style that makes it very user-friendly. It is a ‘must read’ for counselors interested helping clients in dealing with medical issues.”

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